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Day 56: Sundays are for Treats #366pics

My real treat was seeing my good friend Kelly at church this morning. Seriously, it was so great to catch up. We sat in a cute little diner in the Upper East Side & split a milkshake, perfect Sunday afternoon combination.


Day 29: It Might Just be an Apartment… #366pics

…but it was my first(ish) apartment in NYC. And it was great. Rachel moved home Saturday but not before leaving me a sweet note!


Day 28: UES Saturday brunch, of course #366pics

Though today was mostly marked with saying goodbye to Rach and packing up my apartment, the bright spot was brunch with Kelly!


Day 24: Let the #UES nostalgia commence

I’m excited to move and have it behind me (Tuesday!) but I love my neighborhood.

This is my favorite bagel place, which my GNV Bestie Ashley found while I was at work during her visit.


Day 20: Sunrise at the East River #366pics

Caught this beauty at the start of a beautiful day. (catching up here…) 😉


Day 3: Holding On to the cheer

Since it was too warm to “feel” like Christmas, I’m thoroughly enjoying the lingering decor in the neighborhood.


Day 2: Upper East Side

Seriously, how great is that stoop?


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