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Day 12: I really love my life #366pics

It might be sad that this montage reminds me why I love my life so much but let’s just keep it real here.

Dinner from Shake Shack (last one for awhile in honor of the Biggest Loser starting tomorrow); saying bye in Parks & Rec quotes to @lindsayraes before her adventures in Thailand begin(!!!!); and texting Parks & Rec reactions while watching the new episode with @wayneomite.

So if anyone ever thought my life was glamorous in any way I hope this squelches that for you.


Random Friday

Fridays are fun because of the anticipation for the weekend. It makes doing the work more feasible, and feels instantly rewarding. Since Fridays are so great, I wanted to make a Random list of things to wrap up the week. So I’d like to inaugurate this first Random Friday post: a list of randomness I’ve found over the week, or things people have shared with me, just the miscellaneous things that won’t make it anywhere else.

This list is not exhaustive, so please leave your additions in the comments.

  • My friend Angela posted this article on annoying alarm clocks. What creative ways of waking up! I like the puzzle one the best.
  • I just heard about ScoutMob from my friend Lindsay. They’re like a daily deal site but it’s simply coupons, no need to purchase them before hand. They’re only in a few cities now, but I think it will catch on soon & expand.
  • LinkedIn has become my go-to for media news, networking and job hunting. If we’re not connected please send me a request!
  • “Key-dollarsign-hah” … great episode of Glee this week. 🙂
  • There are many reasons I watch “Parks & Recreation.” The way Leslie Knope summarized almost every stereotype of women in this clip from an older episode is one of them. Satire at its finest.
  • I’m way too excited about the Oscars this weekend. I say ‘too excited’ because I’ve seen so few of the movies nominated and yet I’ve planned my life around Sunday evening.
  • Speaking of Sunday, I’m moving to my apartment the same day. The day-after-tomorrow. Don’t pinch me; I’d hate to wake up right now.

What have you seen this week that you find funny, entertaining, interesting, helpful… ? -EL

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