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Uptown Bound

To get to NYC in a timely [and responsible] fashion some sweet friends of mine have opened their home to me. Literally. They live about an hour & some change outside the city and they told me to come and stay with them until I got my feet underneath me. Well I am happy to announce that I will be *officially* residing in the City as of March 1!  (I say “officially” because I’ve been spending a fair amount of time there with good friends who have opened their homes to me, but now I have my own where I can stay.)

I knew this would happen: I’ll be so sad to leave my sweet friends here in PA.  They’re my second family & will certainly remain this even once I’m in the City.

As for the new apartment: I’ll be sharing a sublet in Washington Heights with a sweet girl named Joy. I’m excited to meet her, and only the craziest of stories could have crossed our paths. Or the good Lord wanted it to be. (I would lean toward the latter.) Thanks for praying, encouraging and loving me. It’s amazing to believe it’s actually happening.

Mandy & I went to the City last week to check out the digs.

My sweet Northeastern family: Luke, Mandy & Emma on Emma's 1st birthday!


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