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Day 64: I love it how everyone visits #NYC #366pics

My friend Lauren and I have known eacch other since middle school, and she’s now teaching in GA. We met up in my neighborhood for some Thai food followed by the Bearded Lady (the best bar in Prospect Heights). ’twas lovely to see you, my friend! Let’s not wait 8 years to make it happen again.


Day 12: I really love my life #366pics

It might be sad that this montage reminds me why I love my life so much but let’s just keep it real here.

Dinner from Shake Shack (last one for awhile in honor of the Biggest Loser starting tomorrow); saying bye in Parks & Rec quotes to @lindsayraes before her adventures in Thailand begin(!!!!); and texting Parks & Rec reactions while watching the new episode with @wayneomite.

So if anyone ever thought my life was glamorous in any way I hope this squelches that for you.


Halfway there!

After about nine hours in the car I made it to Richmond! Hanging with a great friend tonight after a few goodbyes, and off to PA tomorrow. I was so sad saying bye to Jacki, Sydney, & Taylor this morning (the Alpharetta Pattersons!), but I’m quite confident they’ll be among my first visitors. 😉

GREAT breakfast at Flying Biscuit with Brooke.

I found this cute owl on the wall. I love owls so I may or may not copy this in the future...

Love her. So thankful for her friendship.

Rosalyn Kay: my host for the evening 🙂

All in a day’s work & drive. So far so good, and I’m very excited to see Luke & Mandy & Emma tomorrow. More soon. -EL

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