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Day 19: I needed 3 photos to tell the story of this great day #366pics

This montage seemed to capture today’s greatness better than one on its own. Clockwise from top left: lunch at a great spot called Taka Taka with a few great coworkers, Patricia in her cute parka, & dinner + NBC with Patricia tonight was just spot-on perfection.


Day 18: Broadway is one of my favorite things about NYC

What do Darren Criss, Broadway and Maureen all have in common? The makings of an awesome night! Loved the show, highly recommend it, and if I thought I couldn’t love Darren Criss anymore … Well, I was wrong.


Day 17: a few sites from a SoHo morning

It was a pretty overcast this morning, and deceptively warm.


Day 16: Gotta love NYC advertising to New Yorkers #pics366

I seriously love this picture.


Day 15: Dedicating today’s pic to the roomie! #366pics

Dedicating today’s pic to the roomie and her big milestone of sporting new bling! This is a little montage of our celebration.


Day 14: Winning isn’t EVERYthing…

The game didn’t go as we hoped but any night with Patricia and Randy is a good one.


Day 13: Friday the 13th

Kicked off the weekend with a creepy sunset followed by my favorite pub with Nicole and Rachel.


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