Day 65: @wayneomite visited me!

Wayne came to NYC and we explored the West Village a bit. I found this coffee shop where I’d gone with Kara about 4 years ago before I moved here and liked it just as much as before!



Day 64: I love it how everyone visits #NYC #366pics

My friend Lauren and I have known eacch other since middle school, and she’s now teaching in GA. We met up in my neighborhood for some Thai food followed by the Bearded Lady (the best bar in Prospect Heights). ’twas lovely to see you, my friend! Let’s not wait 8 years to make it happen again.


Day 63: Enjoying the Sunshine in Prospect Park

Amanda and I took a long walk in the park to enjoy this gorgeous weather. She wouldn’t pose for a picture with me do just take my word for it that she was there. It was my first time here and I loved it (of course). Reminded me so much of Piedmont Park, and made me miss some beautiful Atlanta people with whom I spent some great time there.


Day 62: Brooklyn dinner with Vicky

Had dinner with my dear friend Vicky and her beau at The Vanderbilt (which was excellent, BTW). She has been instrumental in my NYC life and I’m so thankful for her.


Day 61: Riding in Trains with Roommates #366pics

Just one (roommate) to be exact. Not sure what this photo says about us…


Day 60: Reflections #366pics

Seriously, it’s my reflection with a peek of manhattan at night. Taken from the Q train.


Day 59: I love starting my day here #366pics

The coffee here is exquisite. And it’s about 1.5 minutes from my apartment. Amazing.


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