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Taking Risks: What I’ve Learned about Social Media from chicken sandwiches and a cup of coffee

In casual conversation about Social Media and leveraging it for small businesses people seem to ask where to start. Truthfully? I don’t think there’s a straight answer to that question. But I know what the answer is NOT: doing nothing.

Fear of rejection or ineptitude or being criticized can keep great people from great things. I don’t have many credentials to be writing this blog: I’m passionate, I read a lot, and I like to write. If you’re looking for someone with a lot of accolades you won’t find it here, but if you’re looking for encouragement and lessons-learned-along-the-way then you’re in the perfect place.

I am managing the Social Media for a Chick-Fil-A Store now and it’s a lot of trial and error. That’s what I love about Social Media: there are a lot of things you can read about it but there’s no ‘magic formula.’ It requires brain power and being able to take risks. We post certain things, and sometimes we’re surprised by the lack of return and often blown away by the amount of response.

If I could give a few pieces of advice based on my experience thus far it would be:

  • Gear posts to response: you want people to comment and “like” what you say. Why? Because this makes it more popular and will move the posts to the top of people’s news feeds, increasing the likelihood that people see it.
  • When you tweet something make it no more than 120 characters: it’s more easily re-tweetable this way! Which is how you will gain more followers.
  • Seek to build relationships and join conversations. It’s arrogant to think that everyone cares what you’re going to say right away. Your crowd is different than my crowd: take the time to get to know them.
  • Don’t be afraid to take chances: I did a good bit of Social Media content when I was with Thousand Hills, and it often required me staring into my coffee in the morning and hoping for inspiration. But it worked at times, didn’t at times, but ultimately the digital footprint grew.
  • TAKE CHANCES. Doing nothing will get you nowhere.

What have you learned through trial-and-error? Leave me a comment. -EL

Super Ads

For those Twitter friends out there, it’s no secret that I mostly watched the Super Bowl so I wouldn’t miss a moment of the new GLEE episode. But I also love weighing in on the new commercials! And since Ellen DeGeneres was pulling for the Packers I was happy to see them win. Today I want to weigh-in on the commercials, and since we prefer talking about the average-consumer point-of-view, I’d love to know which ads were most memorable to you.  Anything that made you laugh? Cry? That you were talking about at work on Monday?

Obviously the VW commercial with the young Darth Vader was a hit. They even made it to the Today Show this week. And Eminem’s appearance in the Chrysler commercial centered around Detroit was moving. People were certainly interested in selling cars this year! Chevrolet brought the entire cast of GLEE in for their story-laced commercial.

Call me crazy, but the most memorable to me today, three days after watching Super Bowl XLV, was the Verizon iPhone commercial. I’ll admit that I drank the Apple koolaid and I don’t see how I can go back. After years with Verizon, and my new addiction to Apple gadgets, I am so excited about being on Verizon with an iPhone. I also liked how they took something simple (consumers desire for consistent service that everyone keeps talking about) and made a high-quality, but not flashy commercial.

What about you?

Groupon Competition

I’ve been seeing some interesting stories go around about rising competitors for Groupon lately. This is of particular interest to me as I love Groupon. It’s a great way to get a great deal, & with the mobile app all I have to do is click “purchase” when I want to buy it, and then flash that code when I’m ready to use it. (This is after you enter your credit card and register, which I did online.)

Back in December Groupon garnered a ton of press after turning down Google’s $6 Billion buyout offer. Many thought they were brilliant to turn them down, and Google might be glad now as they are [allegedly] launching their own daily deal with “Google Offers”. As a gmail user (& advocate!) I’m personally stoked to hear this, & look forward to adding them to my list of deals to check. Daily. (Pun intended).

Living Social is the big-man-or-woman-on-campus I keep hearing about.  Mashable published a story today about this, stating that Living Social is “giving Groupon a run for its money.”

As an avid Groupon user myself, and long-term bargain lover, I thought I’d see what the differences are from an average consumer perspective. So far, I’ve found little to differentiate the two. Thanks to an investment from Amazon, Living Social is able to be a big competitor with the rapidly-growing Groupon, which means more great deals for us! Cha-ching.

I downloaded the mobile app for Living Social, which looks about as straight-forward and easy-to-use as Groupon’s:

Living Social's Daily Deal for 1/28

Groupon's Daily Deal for 1/28


With Google Offers on the way (et al.) it looks like I’ll have lots of daily deal apps to check! Maybe we should make an app that produces a side-by-side comparison everyday. If you know how to build apps feel free to steal my idea. Just let me know about it. 🙂

What about you? Do you LOVE Groupon? Have you found any benefit to the others? -EL


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