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Day 73: Love your neighbors #366pics

Had a blast at this show. Love them, and I love living in NYC where everyone goes.


Day 71: Roomie Night = Homemade Dinner w/ #DowntonAbbey #366pics

Amanda and I made plans to cook & watch a chick flick. The food didn’t turn out great, and the DVD we had was scratched, so we watched Downton Abbey & had a fabulous evening!


Day 70: Teresa Stopped by NYC! #366pics

This woman of God has made such an impact in my life and she’s still investing in the lives if students. So glad I got to see her briefly!


Day 69: Lemon-Soda Vanilla Float #366pics

It’s a real thing. Trust me. It was amazing.


Day 68: Brunch Makes Goodbyes Bearable #366pics

Wayne & I hit up Tom’s in my neighborhood before he left. It we D-Lish (obvi) though I was quite sad to see him go.


Day 67: LES with @wayneomite #366pics

When Wayne was here we hit up Barramundi in the LES. I love their interesting use of ginger in drinks. And I especially live hanging out with my brother.


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