Along for the ride


I once heard Tammy say, “She’s the First runs itself thanks to a dedicated group of 20 or so volunteers. I’m just along for the ride.”

As her roommate, I see how hard and tirelessly she works, so I rolled my eyes a little (just a little!) Now I think I know a little better what she means.

We have sponsored 27 (almost 28!) girls in Nepal. Typing that sentence helps me believe it a little more, but I don’t think I’m quite “there” yet. I mean, we’re about 2 weeks away from the race and only $300 from our actual goal, which by the way, was WAY BIGGER THAN BROOKE AND I EVER FELT COMFORTABLE WITH. 

All I did was sign up for the race. The training, the miles, the craziness that ensued… It all comes with the territory. I wouldn’t be running without your encouragement, and 27 girls wouldn’t be going to school if it were just up to me. Thanks for letting me be part of the journey. -EL 


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