Staying Power

Talking about things helps you remember them. Duh, I know. But typing it helps you remember, too. So consider this my chance to help myself remember something.

Today I joined a few young ladies in a book chat via Google+ which was super fun. We discussed a book (I haven’t read. Oops.) called “Start Something that Matters.” It was written by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie. The good thing about book clubs is that when you discuss something that affects you it’s more memorable.

I am reminded of how many things I have and have not said aloud and the profound amount of staying power these ideas did and did not have on me. I am scared to open my mouth sometimes because I don’t want to be accountable. Every little idea that comes to mind could not possibly be accomplished. (Not being a defeatist here; lots of things enter this brain.) But some can be accomplished. Is my pride keeping me from opening my mouth sometimes because I don’t want to be accountable? What about you: what in your life needs to said out loud so you are motivated to move on it? -E

PS-If you want to join the next virtual book club (via Google+ meetup!) tweet me: @ErinLeighNYC

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