You Know How Sometimes you Feel a Little too Much Like Liz Lemon?

Every night at 9 pm E! plays old episodes of “Sex and the City.” I’ve been watching them lately and the gross misrepresentations to what life in NYC looks like to me and the way Carrie lived are far too many to list here. I read an interview of Tina Fey recently where she talked about writing the pilot for “30 Rock” near the end of “Sex and the City” and she liked the show but didn’t want to do sex scenes and didn’t think she could wear those clothes. “Let’s explore the opposite of that,” she said.

Now that I live in NYC I can’t help but laugh at every episode thinking of Tina Fey’s words. “The opposite of that” in so many ways.

Every day something will happen that makes me think, It would be lovely to go one day without a moment that Tina has already parodied (when I talk to myself she and I are on a first-name basis. Get over it.) I thought today might be that day until a few moments ago I was reading this very poetic and beautiful blog written by an artsy fartsy friend of mine.

I was reading thinking, Wow, I need to update my blog again. It’s so nice to read hers. People probably love to read things in this artsy fashion. And then I realized that my attempts at single-subject, poetic sentences are like Liz Lemon trying to be Miranda on the Brooklyn Bridge saving a dying relationship. Worked great for Miranda; not so much for Liz.

The moral of that story? I’m back. And hopefully you’ll enjoy what’s to be shared but it won’t be as cool looking as this friends‘ or as well-written as another but we can’t all be Carrie, can we? -EL

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