We all make a lot of choices everyday. Every choice has some kind of consequence. I often choose to hit snooze a few more times in the morning, resulting in rushing out the door, not having time for breakfast and risk being late.

Precious Cousins

You can choose to enjoy cupcakes everyday but you probably won’t enjoy putting on your skinny jeans next week.

I chose to move to NYC. It’s been my dream for many years and a lot of wonderful events occurred that allowed this to happen. Ultimately, though, I believe I chose to leave Atlanta and move to Gainesville and move to Luke & Mandy’s and then move to the Heights.

Wendi Irene, former roommate and permanent friend

This weekend I was in Atlanta with my family and many wonderful friends. I’ll admit it: I was so sad to step on the plane and leave them. I said goodbye to many and hello to few. If you were reading my Tweets I was on a NYC binge; it was as much an attempt to excite myself as anything else.

When I got to my apartment Sunday night two things were very apparent to me: 1) People make the difference. I love this city but if I could hand pick my closest friends and all my family to live in any random city I would probably do that. Since that’s not an option I was brought to a second reality, 2) dreams cost something. I can’t stay in Atlanta or Gainesville because the people I love could leave at any moment. Though every moment isn’t pure bliss I believe I am on a path. And it feels very right and good.

Kara & me at a shower to celebrate her upcoming wedding!

I hope the choices you’re making aren’t impulse alone, but right and best. And that can hurt at times, but anything worth doing is difficult. -EL

    • Lauren
    • March 29th, 2011

    Love this post! And I totally understand what you are saying….it’s so hard to be away from your closest friends and family! It definitely involves some sacrifice to get out of our comfort zone…but getting out of your comfort zone is what life is all about. I am proud of you….and excited to see you on Wednesday! xoxo

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