Week Two, NYC Style: Another Random Friday Post

My second week in NYC has been more eventful than I anticipated, especially considering it’s also my first week in three years not working with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee. On to the randomness:

  • I’m amazed at how many cool people live here! I’m posting some picturess for you to see. A couple of things didn’t make it on the camera including a play I went to see with my friend Torrey where my friend Kaira performed.

After dinner Tuesday with Meg (left) & Carla. We had an awesome time; two wonderful, smart & very helpful women in my job search as well as NYC living.

  • So thankful for connectors in my life like Angel. She also happens to be a great friend and I now know two other great people in NYC thanks to her. I love you, Friend! So thankful for you.
  • I am now the Social Media Director for Chick-Fil-A Lower Nazareth! After brainstorming their online marketing strategy, Luke & Mandy (my friends in PA as well as owner/Marketing Director for this store) have brought me on to run the strategy part-time. I’m loving it! Check back soon as we’re in the process of shnazzing-up the digs but for now check them out on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Dear NYC, the name’s Erin-Leigh. Both. It’s kind of confusing but not really. E.L. is good too if that’s easier.
  • I’m officially unpacked! Seriously. Stuff that’s in a box is only clothes that are out of season and a few books I don’t need to see. YAY! This is a first in a LONG time.
  • My favorite analysis of the new iPad 2 was Seth Meyers in Weekend Update on last week’s episode of SNL: “You know what Apple’s really good at? Making you feel bad about your Christmas present.” (or grateful you didn’t get one … yet…?)
  • What have I learned about city living? Getting from Manhattan to the Bronx is easier said than done. Disclaimer: perhaps I should add “…for the directionally-challenged, easily-confused type.”
  • This week marks the beginning of Lent & I was honestly and pleasantly amazed at how many ashen faces I saw on the streets of NYC. If you’re observing, peace be with you.

Anything cool, fun, random in your world this week? -EL

New friend alert: Lauren just moved to Brooklyn so she & I explored the Upper West Side on Wednesday. This was taken in front of Magnolia (before joyful cupcake consumption)

    • Glenice Heap
    • March 12th, 2011

    Looks like you are doing well my friend. I looked at an ipad today but did not buy. Gonna Check out your thoughts.

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