Random Friday: I will never again take internet for granted

The most exciting part of today was that all the pieces for my bed arrived! I’m no longer sleeping on the floor and my attempts at being organized are coming together. The other most exciting thing about today (they’re equally exciting) is that I have internet at the apartment!

As I sit here on my fully assembled bed surfing the web (!!) I’m catching up on Tweets I’ve missed the past few days. I’m feeling a little sappy so the randomness is filled with it today:

  • There’s a lot of good stuff happening in people’s lives. It makes me extremely grateful that the net connects us: I am still celebrating the sixth anniversary of the life of River Cross Church even though I no longer live in Gainesville.
  • Today was my final day with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee. Parting truly is such sweet sorrow. I never would have guessed my first three years out of college would be as interesting and eventful and rewarding as they were. Good thing my guessing isn’t what took place. After saying goodbye to my team and many, many wonderful customers-turned-friends, I am ready to not say goodbye for awhile.
  • Have you tried the new Chick-fil-A Banana Pudding Milkshake? Seriously, it’s worth every calorie. More news coming soon on my involvement with Chick-fil-A. Stay tuned…
  • I’m as clueless as ever about my future. But I do hope it’s in NYC.

Anything random in your world this week? -EL

    • Ashley
    • March 5th, 2011

    I loved the sappy randomness. Rivercross certainly has loved your time with us in our 5th year, and parting was truly such sweet sorrow as we are watching you begin this season away from us. So proud of you and excited for more to come…

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