The greatest man

Not everyone can say that the greatest man they know is their father. I am thankful that I’m able to do that, and I hope you can too. If not, feel free to borrow mine — he’s got lots of love to share.

Dad and me back when I had red hair!

Today is his birthday and our family serenaded him at the beloved hour of 4:30 this morning. That would be thanks to me who had to catch an early flight, and thanks to my sister-in-law Bethany who had to open at Starbucks. Though Dad says that birthdays become less and less of a ‘big deal’ the older he gets, I wanted to dedicate today’s post to him. There could be a very long list of my favorite things about my dad but I’ll leave it at 5.

5. He bought a really sweet fish tank for my fish when I moved north. (I asked him to feed them, and I came home to a complete aquarium last weekend!)

4. He gives me advice on decisions without making my decisions. Which is nice because he’s smart and also Holy Spirit led. Invaluable wisdom.

3. He takes coffee to my mom in bed every day.

2. He taught me about unconditional love of a father.

1. He loves Jesus.

Happy 51st, Daddy! A blog post isn’t much, but I hope you liked it & feel special (because you are!) -EL

    • Mom
    • February 16th, 2011

    What a blessing you are! And thanks for making me cry!!!!

    • Jacki
    • February 17th, 2011

    What a wonderful tribute to a very special person. Well said.

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