Super Ads

For those Twitter friends out there, it’s no secret that I mostly watched the Super Bowl so I wouldn’t miss a moment of the new GLEE episode. But I also love weighing in on the new commercials! And since Ellen DeGeneres was pulling for the Packers I was happy to see them win. Today I want to weigh-in on the commercials, and since we prefer talking about the average-consumer point-of-view, I’d love to know which ads were most memorable to you.  Anything that made you laugh? Cry? That you were talking about at work on Monday?

Obviously the VW commercial with the young Darth Vader was a hit. They even made it to the Today Show this week. And Eminem’s appearance in the Chrysler commercial centered around Detroit was moving. People were certainly interested in selling cars this year! Chevrolet brought the entire cast of GLEE in for their story-laced commercial.

Call me crazy, but the most memorable to me today, three days after watching Super Bowl XLV, was the Verizon iPhone commercial. I’ll admit that I drank the Apple koolaid and I don’t see how I can go back. After years with Verizon, and my new addiction to Apple gadgets, I am so excited about being on Verizon with an iPhone. I also liked how they took something simple (consumers desire for consistent service that everyone keeps talking about) and made a high-quality, but not flashy commercial.

What about you?

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