Learning through Transition

Life changes a lot. You move, friends move, family members pass away — sometimes sudden & tragic, sometimes you have a chance to know, but it’s always sad. My biggest regret through all of my transitions is that I took people for granted. Take Luke & Mandy, my wonderful generous hosts who are both fun to be around and full of wisdom they’re willing to share.  They lived in the Atlanta area for several years & I was so sad to see them go, but while they were around I didn’t take advantage of that. Thankfully, God is crazy & has brought me to a place where I can see them lots. A second chance. I’m loving every minute, and doing my best to soak it up.

Sara Groves has a song where she says, “Love to me is when you put down that one last thing… I have something better to do.. nothing can come between me & you.” I agree with that. In a world of lists & more to do than one has time for, I hope we can leave a couple of things unchecked for what will be eternal: investing yourself in your friends and your surroundings. So wherever you are, look around & spend time with your friends. You never know when they might move away, and you won’t want to regret what you did with the time you had them around. I’m missing my friends & fam in Gainesville, but so thankful that I did this: spent many hours with a beautiful community.  The time is never enough, it always feels too short, but I made many fond memories. -EL

My sweet friend Ashley & me while we were in Gatlinburg last weekend

  1. Wise words!

  2. hi lovely! i know i sent it via tweet, but i am super excited for you. life is fluid and fleeting and beautiful…soak it all in. can’t wait to read about your adventures.

    • Ashley
    • January 27th, 2011

    annndddd…tears. you knew it would happen. love you.

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